Guest Blog: Mark Hawthorn, Landmark Investments Group

It’s Landmark Investments Group first visit to MIPIM and I am glad we decided to join the Manchester Partnership, we’re already making lots of new contacts and connections, and we’re not even at the airport yet!

We’ve decided to take the plunge and attend MIPIM on the back of our most successful year to date and I am keen to take every opportunity I can to grow the Landmark Group.

We are in the business of purchasing and managing ground rents and my reasons for attending MIPIM are two-fold.  The first is to build relationships with developers and agents in the Manchester region, as well as across England and Wales, and to launch our commercial property ground rents initiatives.

Most people are aware of residential ground rents but we believe commercial ground rents present an excellent opportunity for property owners and developers to generate new income streams and potentially raise capital.

It is clear to me that by joining the Manchester Partnership will not just benefit myself and Landmark Investments but I’ll be able to do my bit to support the other partners – who operate in very different sectors to me – which ultimately can only help to promote Manchester too.

Mark Hawthorn, Director

Landmark Investments Group


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